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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Every morning, we board on wonderful INTEC buses who just can't wait to send us there... If we arrive too late, they will give us a friendly pat on the back, telling us to be early next time... (yeah right) if we arrive too early, they will scold us for being too punctual, which is not malaysian...

Then, sometimes, INTEC feel like saving mother earth by only sending one bus for us to go there. So in support of our beloved INTEC, we had to do this :
The juniors are being thoughtful of letting the seniors to sit on the comfortable chairs for the one hour ride to GMI because like they say, old people have more tendency to suffer from osteoporosis... Look how much we LOVE our seniors... The girls sacrifice themselves to look like PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin) so that the seniors look like macho officers escorting us to pudu jail...

ok... back to serious stuff now...

Chill lah Aiz...

First thing to do when we reach, BREAKFAST!!!

GMI canteen

GMI bibliothek (library)

During GMI, this is what we did:



After 2 hours of sawing

During benchwork class...


Soldering :

Electronics :

While waiting for bus :

Das ist alles!!!

At your service,


william said...

thank you very much for updating the blog.

william said...

of course no complaints.
pictures speak louder than words
again thx..

Pat said...

kein problem... ich mag meine job

mikiyo88 said...

I am very happy and excited to see many photos uploaded. Thanks, Pat for the effort. I understand deeply that the connection in Akasia isn't very good. 10 thumbs up for you to upload these photos. Well, for it is a good effort and fresh for ALG, I will help to promote Das Podium, maybe in my blog and msn as well. Happy Holidays!!! God bless...

from a small potato